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About Us

We would like to thank you on behalf of our "About Us" page as it's usually lonely here, you know people are busy surfing other "Lit" pages on our website. Honestly, the fact that you volunteerly decided to learn more about our store means a lot.

If you are new here Welcome to our store, we assure you we will be your favourite online store by the end of your trip here. This store is designed to make your everyday lifestyle special and expressive, we will make your shopping experience worth remembering. If you have been here before, welcome back to our store. We are happy that you’re here again.

Who are we?

We are Sylvester to your Tweety, Claude to your Bunny, the Jarvis to your Iron Man... we are here to honour your fandom and make sure that you can enjoy a wide range of quality products at reasonable price.

For starters, we have art products with cute graphics that will woo your kids and for main course, we have Loungefly backpacks and wallets with adorable Disney princess inspired prints, Chameleon Kidz™ products and other merchandise of Star Wars, Doctor Who, GiGi Brazilian Wax... we could go on and on. ShopHippo is one stop shop for comic book geeks, kids drowned in love for their favourite looney tunes character and adults looking for gifts to flatter their kids.

Our goal is to make people happy at heart by giving them something they dearly love. Our philosophy is “life is too short to be spent dreading everyday as if it’s Monday" so here we are to make your Mondays better by providing you with something you’ll love. You can spread this happiness too by gifting your friend their favourite Star Wars merchandise or maybe, by buying yourself a bunny backpack. If you want to make your cinnamon roll happy hop on and help us spread this love!

How it work

ShopHippo runs with the idea of providing paragon goodies to it’s customers because there is no feeling better than getting feedback of a satisfied consumer. The purpose of this store is to help young souls Express themselves with the help of wide range of accessories and themed merchandise offered. We make sure to win over our customers trust with every purchase they make. We ensure that our pals are having a good time shopping here.

The motive here is to satisfy people with unique taste in fashion and lifestyle, we help people embrace their quirky taste by offering affordable, quality and trendy goods. We've tried our best to make sure that our users can easily get their hands on the product of their dreams without encountering any difficulties. The user-friendly interface of our website makes it less time consuming and convenient for buyers to shop.

Our Customers Our Priority

Quality Products & Valuable Services

ShopHippo has sincerely worked towards introducing a range that stands the test of time and with such good quality that it leaves an everlasting impression on our customers. We ensure that, once a customer steps in our store they stay with us for at least an eternity.

24 x7 Assistance

We are sculpted with enthusiasm and have a team of friendly, loving, energetic and likeable people, who love what they do and actively work towards creating an atmosphere where needs of customers are taken into account.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to deliver pieces of happiness at every doorstep. We ensure that our philosophies resonate with everyone who joins our family, so if you are looking for change in your life, we are here to help. Our goal is to lighten your mood and brighten your life with good quality products and heart warming service.